• USA Triathlon

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    In 2010 I competed in my first sprint distance triathlon events and am hooked. I would like to move up to Olympic distances in 2011.
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  • Hulu

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    Ok, who doesn't like the convenience of pulling up favorite TV shows and movies on a laptop in bed? The Mom and I certainly love it!

  • I admit, I am a Googlephile

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    What is there to say? I use Google, have an Android phone, and love their products. They just work!

  • I love technology!

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    When I need to buy new tech, I never do anything until checking out CNET for reviews and inforamation. CNET really is a trusted reviewer that can't be ignored.

  • Another Trusted Tech Site

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    I have been reading PC World magazine off and on for years but have used their website consitently for product reviews and information on tech.

  • Favorite Morning Radio Station in DC

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    The Grandy Group serves up a great morning news/talk show I try to catch every day, usally through the live internet feed. Rush, Sean, and Levin don't hold my attention.