A short story...

Once upon a time, a boy met a girl. That was his lucky day. Four and a half years later he had another lucky day, she married him. And so begins the saga of the Kendrick family. They did college, she more than him, they graduated and started working. And, over time, there were gifts in the form of small, wiggly, pink things that needed constant care (and still do).

Fifteen years later there is more love, more laughing, and more fighting than ever. What can we say but we are pretty normal. When you have five girls all living under the same roof, there's bound to be a lot of emotion. Max, Trouble, and The Dad have threatened to move out and go live in a man cave but since Trouble is still attached The Mom several times a day for nourishment, those plans have been put on hold.

When they say Virginia is for Lovers, I think they are talking about our family, because there is a lot of love! Hopefully this site will showcase just how big that love really is. Enjoy.

  • Something Important About Us

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    Being LDS isn't just our religion, it is who we are. The great thing is, you can be Mormon and be really likeable too! We have lots of friends of different faiths, backgrounds, and ethnicities who enrich our lives, and our faith.
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  • We Own A Business

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    American Sign Language Services LLC provides business consulting, interpreting, and educational services to the Deaf community. More »

  • Advocating Natural Childbirth!

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    All five of our children were born following the principles taught by Dr. Robert Bradley. Four of our five were born at home in wonderfully intimate birthing circumstances. Heather is a certified birth instructor focused on meeting the needs of Deaf women and their partners in birth. More »