• Pandora

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    I love having my tunes nearby and Pandora makes that possible wherever I have a computer and internet.

  • Homework

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    Ok, this may not be one of my favorite sites but it is a necessity. I use it just about every day!


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    What is there to say, I think I am addicted. Lots of fun and free!

  • Gotta Love This Show!

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    My friends and I are starting work on our own web show we hope to launch in the spring or summer of 2011. Will keep you posted.

  • Another Distraction

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    Yeah, another game site. I like to play games and this site has a bunch of fun ones. Search for "Run". It is strangely addicting.

  • A No Brainer

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    Music videos and funny stuff are the order of the day. Whatever you do, don't search "Fred"!!